Company with years of experience


ANCORA FINANSE provides services with the participation of qualified specialists in the field of debt collection, legal advisers as well as management and finances specialists. Our employees take part in many courses and training; they have completed postgraduate studies and MBA programs. Our experience (permanent cooperation with many small, medium-sized and large companies) as well as wide contacts (companies from the European Union and Asia) guarantee that we will offer the most appropriate solutions to the presented problems. We are constantly developing our abilities and we pay much attention to the constant improvement of professional qualifications of our employees. 

Our company offers services which involve:

  • Cooperation with top-ranking specialists in the field of negotiations, debt collection and law;
  • Fee which is dependent on the results; we treat each assignment individually and flexibly;
  • Many years of experience and transparent procedures which are consistent with international standards;
  •  Very high effectiveness;
  • By making use of our services, small and medium-sized companies may reduce their costs of operations (no necessity to create own debt collection departments, to invest in equipment, technologies and employees). This is manifested by a reduction in redundant levels of management (simplification of organisational structures and procedures, improved flexibility and speed of reaction to the changes taking place);
  • Small companies benefit from the implementation of effective solutions used by medium-sized and large companies;

In all fields of our activity, our employees place particular emphasis on the effectiveness and efficiency. 

Thanks to our company’s offer, our Clients may outsource the processes connected with debt management and collection, which significantly reduces their costs and accelerates the recovery of bad debts, while maintaining full control over the whole process.



Our partner is ARKANA Law Office