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Determination of Assets

In the proceedings with creditors, ANCORA-FINANSE makes also use of the determination of the debtor’s assets. It is aimed at determining the financial situation of the debtor and accelerating actions at individual stages of conciliatory, court and enforcement proceedings as well as guaranteeing their effectiveness. The Company’s employees collect information about movables and real estate of the debtor, the debtor’s receivables, bank accounts, as well as the contracting parties cooperating with the debtor. We also secure the Clients’ interests on the debtor’s assets, which protects against the loss of receivables in case the debtor intends to hide or dispose of own assets.

In the event of court proceedings, we also invalidate any legal actions of the debtor aimed at the limitation of possibilities to recover the debt by the Client.

Thanks to the determination of assets it is possible to prepare an appropriate debt collection strategy.



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