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Due diligence

DUE DILIGENCE - situation analysis of companies at the request of investors and company directors.

DUE DILIGENCE is the process of collecting information on many areas of the company’s activity and conducting a subsequent thorough analysis of all aspects of the functioning of the company on the basis of the collected information. We run the process at the request of investors wishing to invest in the company or for company directors. On the basis of the information thus received, documents and organisational structure of a company and its operations, we point out the strengths and weaknesses and potential threats to the company.

Business, financial and legal analyses allow the investors to assess the risk level and the potential return on the investment in a given enterprise.

Our analysis encompasses the following areas of the company activity:

Internal company organization:

  • Analysis of the company structure
  • Analysis of the information flow between employees
  • Scope of duties, entitlements, responsibility of employees
  • Functioning of specific company departments
  • Motivational systems for employees

Financial analysis of the company:

  • Assets analysis
  • Liabilities analysis
  • Analysis of cash flow statements
  • Income and costs structure
  • Property and capital structure
  • Economic activity of enterprises
  • Profitability of sales and equity
  • Cash productivity and cash sufficiency
  • Ratio analysis
  • Analysis of planning, execution control, accounting policy, methods of costs settlement and pricing

Analysis of legal aspects of the company:

  • Loan and insurance agreements of the company
  • Main agreements with consumers and suppliers
  • Employment agreements and other civil-law contracts with employees
  • Articles of Association of the company, protocols and resolutions of the Management Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Legal analysis of trademarks and industrial designs of the company and its products

Analysis of the existing IT systems supporting the management of the company:

  • Assessment of the internal solutions and IT systems of the company
  • Possibilities of implementation/usage analysis of the internal ERP systems
  • Quality analysis of the data received through IT systems

The valuation of the DUE DILIGENCE service is made by ANCORA-FINANSE on the basis of the financial data of the analysed entity and the scope of the provided service.



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