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Preventive Stamp

A preventive stamp is a very effective way to discipline contracting parties and ensures timely payment of receivables. Placing such a stamp on issued invoices and other trade documents sends a message that in the event of any delay in payment, the company may take immediate collection activities. It often turns out to be a sufficient measure to inform unreliable debtors about the consequences of a delay in payment and about the cooperation with a professional debt collection company.

It is entirely up to the Client having a preventive stamp when and in relation to which contracting party it wishes to use preventive actions.

Benefits related to a preventive stamp:

  • improvement of the company’s financial liquidity thanks to timely payment of debts by clients
  • improvement of payment discipline among the contracting parties
  • minimization of collection costs of overdue receivables – it is better to prevent than to cure
  • making the company’s image more attractive and presenting it as a company which entrusts debt-related services to a professional debt collection company

of non-payment may help to effectively collect the debt or will shorten the relevant court proceedings. 

 Receivables may be recovered based on invoices, agreements, bills of exchange, documents confirming the receipt of goods and services, on account 



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